1. The 4th International Sculpture Symposium organized by Adana Metropolitan Municipality will take place between 8th October and 5th November 2018.


2. International Adana Sculpture Symposium 4th will be conducted under the consultancy of Çukurova University.


3.  The artists who will participate in the symposium are determined by the Symposium Selection Committee. The selection committee consists of the names suggested by representatives of Adana Metropolitan Municipality and Çukurova University.


4. Stone and metal materials will be used in the 4th International Adana Sculpture Symposium. Artists can use not only stone or metal materials, but also stone and metal designs.


5. The designs that will be sent by the artists who will apply for the symposium must be original character and mustn't be implemented elsewhere before.


6. Artists can submit up the two different designs the most.


7.  The Selection Committee determines 10 stone sculptures and 5 metal sculpture projects based on the application files submitted by the artists. The board of directors may  change this distribution depending on the number and quality of the applicants.


8. The property of the works completed at the end of the symposium will be owned by the Adana Metropolitan Municipality. Adana Metropolitan Municipality is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of the works. It has the right to display, move, and use these images.


9. The artists will be able to use marble up to three cubic meters as a statue material. The Metropolitan Municipality of Adana is obliged to provide the marbles, measured in the project of each artist in approximate dimensions. Stainless steel plates and profiles will be provided for metal sculpture projects. The quality of the steel sculptures will be met by Adana Metropolitan Municipality (provided that it is stated in the application file).


10. The artists bring themselves small power tools and their consumables. Adana Metropolitan Municipality provides 220 volt electricity and extension systems in the symposium area, and also compressor arrangements, metal cutters, welding machines pneumatic hand tools required for continuous operation. It makes necessary arrangements regarding the working and security conditions of the symposium area.


11. The artists' breakfast, lunch, dinner and accomodation will be met by Adana Metropolitan Municipality. Transportation includes economy class return ticket and airport transfers for all artists. Each artist is going to suply airplane tickets himself/herself and the fare will be paid that he attends the symposium. Cargo overtake fee belongs to the artist.


12. Adana Metropolitan Municipality pays 12.000 TL royalty fee to each artist who delivers the work on time and in accordance with the condition of specification. Half of the payment is made two days after the start date of the symposium and the other half at the end of the symposium.


13. The artists participation is cancelled without any excuse if they  are not present at the syposium within five days from the start date of the symposium


14. The work will take place under open-air shadows. Artists should be prepared for seasonal weather conditions such as rains-cold.


15. The artists are obliged to have their own accident insurance.


16.  Artists are obliged to be in the field of working within working hours and comply with the work schedule. Exceptions that may arise are evaluated by the Symposium Organizing Committee.


17. The symposium organizing committee will have the right to decide whether the artists are unable to complete the work on time, such as illness, accident, etc. Only Adana Courts are authorized in case of disagreement in this regard.


18. At the end of the symposium, each artist is given a certificate of attendance approved by the Adana Metropolitan Municipality.


19.  It is recommended that artists participating in the symposium bring visual material or promotional documents of cultural and artistic values or works belonging to themselves and their countries to share with the audience and the art circles.


20. Adana Metropolitan Municipality has the right to make amendments that it deems necessary regarding the 4th International Adana Sculpture Symposium and its specifications.


21. Artists who have requested and accepted to participate in the 4th International Adana Sculpture Symposium are deemed to have accepted the "Artist Specification".